High School Golf Team Coaches,

Life Time Golf Club has 5 upgraded FullSwing simulators and 1 new HD Golf sim which is the "latest and greatest" in accuracy and photorealism.

Our simulators are the perfect place for high school golfers to practice and play throughout the winter to be ready for the Spring season. 

We have special pricing for High School golfers:

Pay by the hour = 20% off ($32/hr per BAY - up to 4 golfers per bay) valid on FullSwing sims (not the HD GOLF #4 sim)

10 prepaid hours for $250 ($25/hr). Hours may be shared by the team if purchased by the school, coach or a parent.

They simply need to book a tee time at or www.LTindoorGolf.com to play then inform the simulator staff at checkout that they are high school golfers to get the 20% off (or 10 hour prepay special).

Kids may also have their personal swing coaches come into either facility with them for instruction at no extra charge and parents may come along and watch (or play along for same low hourly bay rate).

Every year, we see that kids who keep swinging all winter score significantly better in tryouts/matches and enjoy the golf season more.

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Mike Hau