Kids golf 

Introduce your kid(s) to golf with INDOOR GOLF SIMULATORS ! TwinCitiesGolf is offering a series of free “Intro Kids to Golf” sessions at Life Time Golf Club.

Open to kids ages 5 to 12. Cost is FREE.

These are 60 minute FUN sessions that show kids basic skills and give them the opportunity to play golf on our realistic indoor golf simulators. They will fall in love with golf quickly and beg you to take them golfing!

Parents are encouraged to stick around and watch as the kids have a blast. If they have them, kids should bring their own clubs but for those who don’t have clubs, we have sets of junior clubs they can use for the day. This is a great way to see if you kids will like to play! Parents can bring their clubs to finish the session by playing several holes in a fun scramble with them.

There is no charge for these introductory sessions. Limited to 8 kids per session so RSVP to join us.

Sessions are 60 minutes.

To receive invites to future sessions, add your email below into the WIN FREE GOLF box.